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Moors murderer Brady fails in prison move plea

Child-murderer Ian Brady failed to convince a court that he is not insane and should be transferred from a high-security psychiatric hospital to a prison.

Brady and his late girlfriend Myra Hindley tortured and killed five children in the 1960s, burying the bodies on moorland in northwest England. The shock of the "Moors murders" lingers almost 50 years on, and the two are considered to be among the country's most notorious criminals.

This week, Brady spoke in public for the first time since his 1966 conviction, asking a mental health tribunal to rule that he was not insane. He has previously said he wants to go to prison so he can starve himself to death rather than being tube-fed in the hospital.

But the tribunal at Ashworth Hospital in northwest England heard that Brady – who claims to have been on hunger strike since 1999 – eats toast and soup and is not suicidal.

Brady (75) claimed he had used method acting techniques to fake mental illness and called his crimes part of an "existential experience".

Ashworth Hospital, where he is being treated, said Brady was a severely mentally ill man with a history of the most extreme violence and deviant sexual interests.