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Mooney drops radio show for new role


Derek Mooney

Derek Mooney

Derek Mooney

RTE presenter Derek Mooney will take up his dream role as executive producer of nature and wildlife programming for RTE after almost a decade of fronting his afternoon radio show.

Speaking on the show yesterday he said he has "always wanted" to work in natural history programming and had been "driving them mad" over recent months pushing for the role.

"That is what I like doing, I always get a kick out of it and I said to myself some time ago, about a year and a half ago, what do I really like doing?" he said.

"I love doing this programme but actually I really like making nature programmes and that is the truth of it."

He said his appointment will "hopefully mean more nature programming" on the national broadcaster, both on radio and television.

Mooney will be heavily involved with introducing a greater element of multimedia to the broadcasts.

"We will be using basically every available technology that we can get our hands on to bring nature to the audience, wherever they are and however they consume it," he said.

"We will continue on with The Dawn Chorus with Nest Watch, we will be developing strands of natural history programmes and we will be liaising with our colleagues in the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) to bring these programmes to a wider platform which is what I've wanted to do for a long time."

He said he is proud to be leaving the Mooney show in a good shape.


"It would be terrible if we were leaving when the programme was dying but, on the contrary, when we started here there was 106,000 listeners," he said. "At our peak we had 232,000 and right now we are just under 200,000 and that is a fantastic achievement."

The Dubliner will be leaving the show in early January Mooney Goes Wild will now be broadcast over the weekends.

RTE Liveline presenter Joe Duffy paid tribute to the presenter after the announcement of his position.

"We wish him well as a brilliant broadcaster which he is, a brilliant broadcaster and as a friend.

"Congratulations and I still think an awful lot of people will be very disappointed that his very interesting and fascinating show with his great team will be changing." Duffy said.

"As we know, the nature strand has always been his great interest and he has brought that to more people than most. Well done, Derek."