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Moone Boy is Chris' passport to home

Hollywood star Chris O'Dowd is grateful that his hit TV show Moone Boy has allowed him to spend so much time in Ireland.

The Roscommon actor told Esquire magazine that one of the perks of his newfound fame is being able to spend more time at home filming the award-winning series for Sky.

He said: "I actually get back a lot now because I write and direct Moone Boy which is filmed in my hometown,and we shoot that most summers - or the last three anyway.

"So I actually get to go home more than I have in the last 10 years because of that, which has been lovely."


Chris, who has just ended a critically acclaimed run in Broadway with Of Mice and Men, said he doesn't crave the attention that comes with fame.

"As I get older I'm less comfortable at being demonstrative," he said. "I think you get older and you kind of become slightly more secure.

"Then once you've got all the attention you were craving, it's like, well, what the f*** do I do with this?"

Chris recently wrapped production on the Lance Armstrong biopic in which he plays journalist David Walsh.