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'Monster should get 10 years', says mum brutally beaten by ex in front of 6 children


Robert Maguire was given a two-year sentence for attack

Robert Maguire was given a two-year sentence for attack

Robert Maguire was given a two-year sentence for attack

A Mum-of-six who was "ferociously" beaten by her ex-partner has said she "can't even close a door" because it will "bring the whole thing back".

The 30-year-old woman was kicked in the genitals and beaten unconscious by Robert Maguire (35) in front of her screaming children.

She has begged the Director of Public Prosecutions to increase the two-year prison sentence given to the thug last week by Mr Justice Paul Butler.

"Maguire is a monster who should spend at least 10 years behind bars," she said.


Maguire, from Lucan, was given a four-year sentence with two years suspended for "ferociously" beating his ex-partner when he found out she was in a new relationship.

The sentence has been severely criticised by anti-domestic violence campaigners.

The woman said her children, who witnessed the brutal attack, "deserved so much better than that.

"To me, I'm after going through five years of hell, of torture. My whole family has gone through five years of hell."

The woman's children had to be taken out of the home to stay with their grandmother.

"Every day I feel I let them down. I let him just destroy me, and I can't believe that," she said.

"I would never tell any victim not to speak out after something like this happens to them. But what I would say to them is don't expect justice. I didn't get anything like justice."

The court heard how the woman woke up in her bed to find her ex-partner standing over here and spitting on her.

He then threatened to kill her before beating her unconscious while her children looked on in horror from the bedroom door.

"All I wanted was justice but, as soon as they mentioned community service, I just thought to myself 'what's the point?'.

"Why would I even have involved the gardai just for this to have been passed off and dismissed? He broke into my house.

"I thought I was going to die. I thought that was it," she said.

Last week, Mr Justice Butler said he considered an appeal by Maguire's legal team to deal with sentencing by way of community service, but he had decided Maguire's offending required nothing short of a prison sentence.

He imposed a four-year sentence on the charge of assault causing harm and a four-year sentence for false imprisonment. He ordered that both sentences run concurrently.

He then suspended the final two years. This means, once automatic remission has been applied, Maguire will walk free in 18 months.

The young mum says she feels completely and utterly betrayed by the justice system.


"I just feel so angry about the whole thing. I don't feel a bit of relief because I know if this stands, [Maguire] is going to be back out walking the streets in just 18 months," she said.

"He was very violent towards me before that night ever happened. I can't actually believe the judge would consider community service in my case.

"And then after saying that he did deserve jail he handed down a light sentence.

"I don't think he [the judge] has any idea what an attack like that actually does to a person.

"I'm pretty sure if the judge was standing there and it was his daughter or his sister then he would have had a very different attitude to this case."