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'Monkey gang' builds huge wall to hide new home building project


Bernard 'Gan' Joyce is believed to be a key member of the
‘Monkey Gang’ and was jailed for possession of €900k in
illegal cash

Bernard 'Gan' Joyce is believed to be a key member of the ‘Monkey Gang’ and was jailed for possession of €900k in illegal cash

Bernard 'Gan' Joyce is believed to be a key member of the ‘Monkey Gang’ and was jailed for possession of €900k in illegal cash

Associates of the so-called 'Monkey gang' have built a massive wall to keep prying eyes away from major building work beside their property on Ratoath Road, Finglas.

Sources say the wall was "built within a matter of hours" as major excavation and other construction work continues at the site.

"They clearly don't want people seeing what they are building in there, but it is a very substantial development. There is certainly a lot of secrecy around it," a source told the Herald.


Last month, the Herald revealed that the extended 'Monkey gang' crew "need more land" to build more chalets for their expanding family.

"This site is located right beside where they live and up until a couple of weeks ago it was wasteland covered in bushes and trees," a local source said.

"It is a fairly big site and the plan for the 'Monkey gang' seems to be to build a number of properties at the location. They are expanding their territory," the source explained.

The so-called Finglas 'Monkey gang' are a crew of Traveller criminals who have been subjected to a number of garda searches, one of which in April of last year led to the seizure of a monkey in a cage.

The gang are suspected to have been involved in numerous violent incidents, including the attack on criminal Noel Boylan who was lucky to escape with his life after he was shot outside a Lidl supermarket shortly after 5pm in June last year.

Boylan was shot twice in the arm and chest in front of onlookers and shoppers.

The criminal who is considered the "number two boss" in the so-called 'monkey gang' was jailed for three years for possession of more then €900k in illegal cash connected to the Kinahan cartel.

Earlier this week, the case Bernard 'Gan' Joyce was heard at the Court of Criminal Appeal where the DPP argued that the sentencing judge had imposed a sentence which did not adequately reflect the gravity of the offence committed.

This included factors such as the amount of cash which was recovered by gardaí, the fact that the cash was concealed and that the defendant had attempted to flee from gardaí.

The court heard that Joyce was in a camper van parked at the front of a premises at Foulksmills, Co Wexford, on September 22, 2018.

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While gardaí were dealing with the search of the premises, the camper van started up, taking off at speed down the driveway.

Gardaí followed the camper van, which subsequently stopped, and searched it.

They looked under a bed in the vehicle and discovered a hollow section, and inside it, were two gear bags.


Gardaí opened the gear bags and discovered they contained parcels wrapped in brown sellotape. There were onions in the bags. Gardaí opened one of the bundles and discovered cash.

Two other main players in the mob were busted with €220k of drugs cash in Holland in 2018, as part of a major operation by heavily armed members of the Dutch police force in a suburb of Amsterdam.

The duo spent a number of months in custody in the Netherlands before eventually being bailed and returned to Ireland.