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Moment ERU stage armed raid on cartel associate 'Mad Dog'

Garda hunt for violent Maloney


Members of the Emergency Response Unit raid the house in Crumlin

Members of the Emergency Response Unit raid the house in Crumlin

Members of the Emergency Response Unit raid the house in Crumlin

This is the moment heavily armed gardai raided a home linked to a Kinahan mobster as part of an ongoing investigation into the gang's Dublin operation.

Members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) raided the Crumlin property on Friday evening armed with machine guns and pepper spray.

They were searching the home as part of an investigation into violent mobster Ian 'Mad Dog' Maloney, who is suspected of running a south Dublin patch for the crime gang.


The convicted robber is connected to the Kinahan gang through its Crumlin associates which include 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and Liam Byrne.

The home raided on Friday is understood to be Maloney's family home but he is not currently residing there.

After armed gardai forced entry to the house, detectives carried out a search of the property.

The operation is part of an ongoing investigation by the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau into the crime gang's Dublin network.

However, despite the significant Garda raid, only a small amount of cannabis and an electronic device were recovered. No arrests have been made following the search, which was carried out under warrant, but investigations are ongoing.

The ERU was required for the operation because 'Mad Dog' Maloney is considered a violent criminal although he was not present during the raid.

'Mad Dog', who earned his nickname for his violent behaviour, was heavily involved in the Crumlin/Drimnagh feud before being locked up in 2011.

Mobile footage of Friday's raid, which has been circulated on social media, shows the armed officers remove a man from the house and restrain him on the ground while three women sitting in the front garden look on.

A number of the officers can be then seen on the footage entering the house with equipment, with one of the women saying: "There's the key of the bleeding door.

"Will you relax, where you going with that."

None of the people present in the home at the time of the operation are suspected of involvement in criminality.


Sources said Maloney is being investigated for his involvement in organised criminality in the area since his release from prison two years ago and is a target for both national Garda units and local detectives.

"He has been involved in organised crime since his teens and has grown up around some of the Kinahans' most trusted Dublin associates," the source added.

"He's spent some time in prison but gardai believe he is back active again the sale and supply of drugs in Dublin."

By the time he was 24 in 2011, he already had over 70 previous convictions when he was given a 12-year jail term for the armed robbery of Paul Sheeran Jewellers in Dundrum Town Centre in September 2008.

He and an accomplice escaped using a fire exit and drove away in a stolen car.

Investigations led gardai to Maloney and the keys to the car were found during a search of his home.

While serving his jail term for that armed raid, he was also given a prison sentence for assaulting State witness Joey O'Brien.

Maloney was given an 18-month sentence for the assault, during which he kicked the victim in the head several times.

He served his prison sentence in Mountjoy where he associated with members of the Kinahan cartel.

Gardai received intelligence that he had been recruited by the cartel behind bars to work for their crime network in the south Dublin area.

While behind bars, he shared a cell with convicted gangland killer Eugene Cullen when he died during a suspect drug overdose in 2015.

Maloney and Cullen were in a cell in the Midlands Prison when the killer became ill, and despite efforts by Maloney to revive his associate, he was later pronounced dead.

Cullen, an associate of the Thompson mob, was serving a life sentence for the murder of Shay O'Byrne (27) in 2009.

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