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Molly Malone singalong on Paddy's Day junket

EVER wondered what our elected officials get up to while taking part in the annual St Patrick's Day junkets abroad?

A group of politicians and Dublin City Council staff took time out from their hectic schedule to sing a rendition of Molly Malone during a visit to a company headquarters in Silicon Valley last year.


And the local representatives on this year's €13,500 trip to Mexico and California's San Jose are taking time for a bike-ride, sightseeing and a meeting with officials who oversee the production of tequila, among a packed agenda of business meetings.

The sing-song on last year's trip, featuring former Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri wearing a lei and clutching a drink with a palm tree backdrop, is available for viewing on YouTube.

Also singing is former Dublin City Manager John Tierney, who is now the Irish Water chief.

They were among a party that travelled to San Jose last March, a visit that cost the taxpayer almost €17,000.

A spokesperson for those who visited said that the clip began in a "humorous fashion to encourage participation in the studio setting".

After being served a beverage, Mr O Muiri shouts "Merry Christmas" to a staff member named 'Lonny'.

"Are you yanking my chain," Mr O Muiri quips, before calling on his city council colleagues to join him on set.

The group, which also includes sitting councillors Ruairi McGinley and Lucy McRoberts as well as officials Peter Finnegan and Karl Mitchell, are filmed in good humour singing a rendition of Molly Malone.


A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said the video was recorded to illustrate the advances in multi-media.

They said that the host on the video, Sean O'Kane, works with a tech company called Cadence and that he had "wanted to deliver a light-hearted piece to camera which would highlight the benefits of this technology and add some colour to the clip".