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Moldovan gang targeted by CAB has links to Drogheda feud faction


Photos released by gardai show CAB officers involved in the raid

Photos released by gardai show CAB officers involved in the raid

The property’s tennis court

The property’s tennis court

The opulent bathroom

The opulent bathroom


Photos released by gardai show CAB officers involved in the raid

The Moldovan gang targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) yesterday is in business with one of the warring factions involved in the bloody Drogheda feud.

The Herald can reveal that the drugs gang sells wholesale quantities of cannabis to the crime bosses behind the murder of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods.

While not involved in the ongoing warfare in Drogheda, the Moldovan gang "does business" with a north Dublin crime boss who is closely involved in the escalating Drogheda feud.


It can also be revealed that the Moldovan gang - a major player on the drugs scene all over continental Europe - was closely associated to Richard Carberry.

Carberry, a married father-of-two, was shot dead last November. He was involved in the sale and supply of drugs, and was "closely linked" to the Moldovan gang, which is now under significant pressure from CAB.

Carberry was the second victim of the Drogheda feud.

A senior source told the Herald that the Moldovan gang "is in no way involved in the Drogheda feuding" but said it was "nonetheless part of the drugs network in the beleaguered town".

The CAB investigation stems from the seizure of over €1m of cannabis more than a year ago.

Despite the seizure, no criminal charges resulted, but it is understood that CAB began to focus on the drug-trafficking gang after the major drugs haul.

A senior source said that gang "is a major player in the drugs world" and "well known to police all over the European continent".

The source said that "given the nature and extent of the drug-dealing enterprise", the Moldovan gang "has naturally developed links with local drugs networks, primarily some of those heavily involved in the Drogheda feud".

Officers from the CAB seized cash and a luxury car as part of an investigation into the Moldovan organised crime gang.


Gardai have been investigating the alleged activities of members of the gang, who are suspected of being involved in the sale and supply of drugs.

As part of the raid, gardai seized a 171-registered white AMG Mercedes Benz C200 coupe, various electronic devices, and €5,000 in cash.

Pictures released by gardai revealed that the lavish property was complete with tennis court.

The property also includes an opulent bathroom featuring a statuette of a lion climbing a golden sphere, a free-standing bathtub and a fur rug draped over a towel stand.