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Moderate drinking cuts risk of asthma

Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of asthma, research suggests.

But heavy drinking makes the condition more likely, the Danish study found.

Scientists compared alcohol intake with asthma risk over a period of eight years in more than 19,000 twins aged 12 and 41.

Fewer than 4pc of those who drank one to six units of alcohol per week developed asthma. In comparison, more than 6pc of people who rarely or never drank alcohol began suffering symptoms.


Around 4.5pc of heavy drinkers who consumed four or more units of alcohol per day became asthmatic.

One unit of alcohol is equivalent to half a pint of beer, a single measure of spirits, or just under a standard 125ml glass of wine.

Researcher Sofie Lieberoth, from the Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark, said: "Whilst excessive alcohol intake can cause health problems, the findings of our study suggest that a moderate intake of one to six units can reduce the risk of developing asthma."