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Model's estate loses will fight Women finally lead sub crews Mothers' Day top for calls Drug trafficker held at airport

A US federal appeals court panel rejected a bid by the late Anna Nicole Smith's lawyers to reconsider its ruling that gave her none of the fortune from her late billionaire husband.

The appellate court ruled in March that a Houston jury was correct when it said J Howard Marshall was mentally fit and under no undue pressure when he wrote a will leaving nearly all of his $1.6bn (€1.26bn) estate to his son, E Pierce Marshall.

Lawyers for Smith's estate said they would appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Women finally lead sub crews

The first female US Naval Academy graduates who will be able to serve as officers aboard submarines said they feel ecstatic, thankful and blessed by the chance to break one of the military's last gender barriers.

"I'm in shock. It was a little bit of a feeling of shock that everything that I really wanted I got. It doesn't always happen that way in life," said Midshipman Abigail Gesecki.

A total of about 20 women will begin training this summer to become submarine officers in a programme that takes at least 15 months.

Mothers' Day top for calls

People living overseas might forget to send a card or flowers for Mothers' Day but they do remember to pick up the phone with a study finding international call volume is higher that day than on any other holiday.

The study, by VIP Communications, found call volume on Mothers' Day is 8pc higher than at New Year, 11pc higher than Valentine's Day and 62pc up on Halloween.

South African expats spend most time on the phone, with their average call on Mother's Day nearly 72pc longer than during other days of the year.

Drug trafficker held at airport

Venezuelan authorities arrested an alleged Dominican drug trafficker and plan to deport him back to his homeland.

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said the suspect, Ramon Antonio del Rosario Fuentes, was captured at Venezuela's largest airport as he prepared to board a flight to Colombia.

Mr El Aissami hailed the suspect's arrest as a significant blow to drug trafficking organisations operating in Venezuela.