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Model scouts in rush to sign up Bandits' new video star Holly

FRESH-faced beauty Holly Pienaar may have just trotted into the limelight thanks to featuring in the new Rubberbandits video.

But a top model agent is already clamouring to sign up the 23-year-old shop worker who has replaced Madeline Mulqueen as the love interest for the Horse Outside stars.

Businesswoman Celia Holman Lee, who runs the main agency in Holly's native Limerick city, said she would have no problem offering the brunette newcomer a contract.

And Celia reckons that the off-beat musical duo are doing wonders for the reputation of Limerick ladies, with Holly now set to replicate the success of her predecessor Madeline, should she wish to enter the modelling world. "Well I always felt we had the best-looking women in the country down here in Limerick. I'll probably get killed for saying that but just take a look at my website for proof. We have some absolutely fantastic-looking girls here," Celia said.

"Of course I would sign up Holly and the lads are right to pluck somebody like that, who's totally unknown, and use her for their video. It's a great chance for a young girl and I wish her the best of luck with everything."


The brunette beauty said it was "brilliant" to have ended up in one of the Rubberbandits' videos as she was a big fan of theirs.

Young Holly, who has gone back to her job working at the make-up counter of a department store in Limerick, is already doing wonders for the pair's popularity among their YouTube fans. When the irreverent duo's latest song I Wanna Fight Your Father was originally posted up on the site last October, taken from a recording of a gig in the Academy, it pulled in just over 33,000 hits.

But when the new violence-packed video, featuring department store worker Holly in a skimpy outfit, was released last Thursday morning, it pulled in more than 150,000 viewers in just 24 hours.

The video for the single, which sees Holly play the part of gorgeous Roisin, sees one of the Rubberbandits engage in some unusual training routines before taking on his love interest's father in a gruesome fight.

Featuring a hidden track, the release was launched this week in front of 2,000 students at Bolton Street College in Dublin.