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Model Holly jets out to Dubai to cheer on rocker boyfriend Danny at concert


Model Holly Carpenter

Model Holly Carpenter

Model Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter will be jetting off to sun-kissed Dubai this week to meet up with her rocker boyfriend Danny O'Reilly.

The former Miss Ireland and Herald columnist (24) is visiting the millionaire's playground to support her Coronas beau when the heart-throb performs at a top Irish venue over there.

Danny will be taking to the stage at McGettigan's JLT this Friday as the Closer to You stars bring their international tour to a close.

Tonight sees the Dublin chart-toppers playing in Singapore, having performed in a string of venues all over Australia and New Zealand as they continue making fans in far-flung places.

Lead singer Danny (29), who previously dated top TV presenter Laura Whitmore, has been seeing Holly for the past few weeks as they continue getting to know each other better.


A source said that it's "still early days" between the pair but that things are going well between him and Holly, whose ex is Ireland rugby star Cian Healy.

But don't expect Danny to be divulging any details on his love life anytime soon - he saves that for his music.

The band's latest album - The Long Way - was partly inspired from his split from the beautiful MTV presenter.

"When I did go through the break-up, at the time we were touring around Europe just after it happened, and thank God for that," he said.

"It definitely made it a bit easier for me that we were on tour and busy and getting that therapy every night playing music.

"Even though all the songs were about the person I had just broken up with, it was still okay. I would have moments like that where I was a bit emotional for a bit of a song. But you get on with it and thankfully the gigs gets you through it."

However, he said that some of the songs on the band's fourth album have taken on a different meaning in the wake of the split.

"Sometimes I look back at songs that were happy songs about the start of the relationship and they are bitter-sweet," he said.

"I look at them from a different angle now. I think - 'Oh God, that was nice when I felt that way. I thought everything was so simple.'

"But I think that's just the price you pay as a songwriter.

"I will always be totally honest with lyrics and I will never try to write about politics or anything like that."