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Model Hazel has a lucky escape as she's attacked at city centre ATM

MODEL Hazel O'Sullivan was attacked by a mugger who lunged at her at an ATM in Dublin city centre.

Hazel (23) stopped at a cash machine on Abbey Street to take money out after returning from work in City West.

The model who was working at the World Grand Prix darts championship, came back into town. She went to get money to get a taxi home at around 10.30pm last night.

"I went to first cash machine I saw. I had my bag on my shoulder and I was a bit wary, looking around me," she told the Herald.

"Then out of nowhere a man just ran straight into me. He was trying to take the cash, the card, my handbag.

"I was in complete shock and said 'what the hell?'

"He literally ran straight into me, he was trying to dazzle me."

Thankfully for Hazel, a good Samaritan stepped in to help and managed to defend her from the attacker.

"It turned out to be one of the guys who was at the Darts and he was talking to his mate, saying that he recognised me," she said.

"It was just some junkie and he just got rid of him.

"The guy (mugger) said that he thought I was someone else and ran off."

She said that the men who helped fend off the attacker then walked her to a taxi rank.

"It is crazy, you just can't be on your own as a woman in town at night.

"It was quite busy around at the time. It is just shocking that you can't walk around town. It is getting worse out there," she said.

"Luckily those men helped out."

Hazel, who is currently dating Ireland rugby star Fergus McFadden, described the man as very tall, with a cap on but because it was all over so quickly, she doesn't believe she has enough information to report the incident to the gardai.

She said that she is treating the incident as a lucky escape.

"It is just terrifying to think that you are that unsafe. Normally I would be a very wary person but you can't be careful enough.

"It was a bit of an eye-opener."

Earlier this month, model Madeline Mulqueen was stunned after a fellow customer in a fast food restaurant punched her in the face.

The 21-year-old was nursing a sore jaw after she was hit at McDonald's on Grafton Street in Dublin.