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Model Cara plays it safe after street attack terror

GAA pundit Pat Spillane's daughter Cara is particularly careful about getting home safely following a terrifying attack last year.

The 21-year-old model has lined up a new job as head hostess at a new nightclub at The Savoy in Cork as an aside to her law studies.

Cara was victim of a random indecent assault on the street late last year. Her father was also recently attacked in Dublin while making his way home from a GAA match in Croke Park.

"My boyfriend makes sure that I always get a taxi home. When I am in that line of work, that friendliness could sometimes continue outside," she told the Herald.

"So I am always going to be careful to get a cab.

"Especially with what happened to Jill Meagher in Australia, I'm more aware that I have to be careful," she said.

The beautiful blonde revealed that she was attacked in Cork while walking with her boyfriend in December last year.

The law and Irish student, who is also signed to Assets model agency, said that the incident happened at Christmas and she immediately reported it to gardai.

Although she can't comment any further on the incident as it is before the courts, she said that she always makes sure she has a plan to get home safely.

And she said that she regularly checks up on her pals to make sure that they got home safely as well.

"You can't take it for granted that someone has just gone home in a taxi."

Cara, who is in her final year of studies at UCC, was headhunted for her new role as the lead hostess in the newly opened Savoy club in Cork.

And she said that it could open the door to other opportunities in her career.

"My dad is delighted, and my parents are thrilled that I would get something that I'd be interested in," she said.

"It will be interesting getting the taste for it.

"The plan at the moment is to get my law degree under my belt, maybe do media and get a bit of experience in marketing and PR.

"This club is the first of its kind in Cork. There is a real Vegas feel to it with circus performers, acrobats and fire breathers."

"I'm going to look after our corporate clients and focus on making sure they have a great experience."

"In Law you don't have many hours and it is in the evenings at weekends.

"You do need your 'me time' outside of study as well."