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Model boss Celia sues rugby star's pub over fall

MODEL agency owner Celia Holman-Lee is seeking compensation for an alleged fall in the pub owned by former rugby star Jerry Flannery.

Ms Holman-Lee (62) claims she broke her right wrist in a fall at Jerry Flannery's Bar, a favourite venue of Munster fans in Limerick city.

The model supremo also claimed she suffered other health problems as a result of her injuries and a loss of earnings as she was unable to work for some time.


She said she had gone to the High Court reluctantly in an attempt to get compensation for what happened.

"This is not the easiest situation, that's for sure," she said.

"I didn't want to go down this road, but I've thought long and hard about it."

Ms Holman-Lee, a former top model herself, said: "I've never sued anyone in my life. I never needed to and I didn't want to.

"This is a sensitive case, but that's life.

"I have to work and make a living as well. As you get older you need all your strength."

Mr Flannery (34), who retired from the Ireland and Munster squads last year, is the sole shareholder of bar owners Flannery (Limerick) Ltd.

He said: "To the best of my knowledge, Celia has made a claim that she fell when she was in the bar, but the insurance company is refusing to pay so it's going to court."

The glamorous grandmother, who has three grandchildren, told the Limerick Leader newspaper she went into the pub for a short period after a fashion show in early November 2011 to meet her husband Ger when she fell.


She declared she was not drinking at the time.

The case has not come before the courts yet.

"If I don't have 100pc health constantly I don't earn a penny. I don't have any sick leave. If I can't work or do a job, I don't have a shilling," she said.

She said the amount of compensation, if any, was a matter for her solicitor and the courts.

She would not reveal any further details of the incident prior to the court proceedings.