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Model agent tells size 8 Hannah to lose weight

SHE'S our newest modelling star -- but Hannah Devane (21) was left gobsmacked after being told she needed to trim down her size eight figure.

The Herald can reveal how the Dublin finalist in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model was left reeling when she was informed by one top London agency that she was to lose weight.

Despite her tiny figure and stunning looks, it seems she just wasn't emaciated enough for one particular British company after she went over there seeking new representation.

They informed the UCD Social Sciences graduate that she needed to slim down by an inch or two before they signed her up after she flew over to London last week to go agency hunting.

But determined Hannah shrugged off the remarks and said it won't let it stop her achieving her goal of making it to the top.

"I'm not fazed by any comments like that really -- you have to accept that within the fashion industry, you will face criticism. But, as long as you have faith in yourself, I think you can still succeed," she explained.

"I'm delighted with how my career is going in Ireland and I'm happy with myself, so any opportunities abroad are fantastic but I wouldn't consider drastically changing myself to make that happen.

"I am getting great feedback from those I am working with in London, so I will keep going as I am and, hopefully, I will find the right agency to represent me over there."