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Mobster 'will lash out' after drug bust

A second major drug bust occurred in the capital yesterday when gardai swooped on an apartment complex in Rathfarnham

A major haul of drugs, bullets and guns was made as part of the crackdown on an operation controlled by 'Mr Pipe Bomb'.

Sources say that the Tallaght gang boss who owns the seized drugs is one of the capital's biggest dealers, controlling a "huge patch" in south Dublin.


The mobster is suspected of being behind a spate of pipe bomb attacks and the shooting up of his rivals' homes over the past two years.

He was arrested as part of a major operation against drug dealing in south Dublin in 2007, in which small amounts of drugs were seized.

The major haul was seized by gardai shortly before 4pm yesterday, after they became suspicious of the occupants of a car in south Co Dublin.

Uniformed gardai on patrol in Rathfarnham followed the car into a carpark at Hunters Hall and searched the driver and passenger.

They discovered the keys to a van, in which they found two shotguns and 150 rounds of 9mm ammunition, as well as 75 shotgun cartridges. Officers also seized four kilos of cocaine with a street value of €280,000 and €275,000 worth of herbal cannabis.

The two men were arrested and taken for questioning to Tallaght station.

During a follow-up search of a house in the Rathfarnham area, gardai recovered €118,000 in cash. Three vehicles were also seized.


"He has been on the garda radar for years; he will not be happy at yesterday's events.

"History shows that he does not take kindly to having his drugs lost: expect more violence over this in the coming weeks.

"He has destroyed a lot of families and has been causing huge fear in Tallaght.

"Yesterday's operation will be a major blow to this thug's operations," said a source.

The two men arrested yesterday are cousins who are also extremely well known to gardai.

One of them is a 27-year-old Tallaght man who previously served a sentence after he killed a person some years ago.

He has a number of convictions for motoring offences.

Gardai are confident that the two arrested men will face charges in relation to yesterday's bust.



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