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Mobster believed to be target as flat is shot up in Coolock feud attack


Suspected target was released from prison last August

Suspected target was released from prison last August

Suspected target was released from prison last August

Gardai believe a gun attack at a flat in north Dublin is linked to the bitter Coolock feud which claimed five lives last year.

The property is said to be linked to a notorious local criminal, aged in his 20s.

It is understood the shots were fired at the property in Cromcastle Court, Kilmore, at about 10.30pm on Wednesday, causing a window to be smashed.

Two innocent women in their 30s and 40s were in the flat when it was targeted.

No one was injured in the incident and gardai later attended the scene to carry out a technical examination of the area.

There have been no arrests so far in the case and sources say the presumed target is refusing to co-operate with the investigation.

"He is a big target for other criminals as part of the Coolock feud and this is not the first time that the property has been targeted by his rivals," a source said last night.

The man is very closely linked to a notorious jailed criminal, in his 30s, who is facing a firearms charge and is due to be tried in the Special Criminal Court later this year.


A major garda alert was put in place when the criminal targeted in the latest attack was released from Dublin's Wheatfield Prison last August and specialist gardai have been closely watching his activities.

However, he is also being closely watched by many of his local gangland rivals, including those who are suspected of shooting up the flat this week.

He previously received a suspended jail sentence for attacking a taxi driver and has a number of previous convictions.

Wednesday night's attack is the most serious incident in the Coolock feud for weeks after a period of calm due to the fact that many of the main protagonists are in jail.

One of the man's biggest enemies is a criminal who has twice been arrested over foiled hits linked to the Coolock feud.

Last November, in a series of online rants that went viral, this criminal, in his 30s, made serious threats against his rival.

In the sinister online posts, he claimed he was driving around looking for the younger criminal and other named individuals and said he was parked outside houses at night.

He claimed he had €1,000 in cash and was filmed waving a wad of €50 notes in return for information about his rival's whereabouts or information about the cars they are using.

He also threatens to rape a man he claims made threats to him over the phone.

In the videos he bizarrely refers to rivals as "wet the beds" as he laughs hysterically in increasingly erratic clips.

"Anyone who gives them respect should hang themselves - they wouldn't kick snow off a rope," the convicted criminal says at one stage.