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Mobiles 'don't cause cancer'

There is no link between the long-term use of a mobile phone and getting brain cancer, research suggests.

In what has been described as the largest study on the subject, researchers found that cancer rates were almost the same in both long-term mobile phone users and people who do not use the handsets.

Researchers, from the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, studied the whole Danish population aged over 30 by gathering information from the Danish phone network operators and from the Danish Cancer Register.

Yob teenager goes on run

A YOUTH who tried to force a 15-year-old boy to drink a can of urine as he beat and threatened to kill him has gone on the run after being placed under "house arrest".

The 17-year-old had pleaded guilty earlier at the Dublin Children's Court to robbery of the boy and threatening to kill or cause him serious harm, at Queen's Road, in Dun Laoghaire, on July 21 last year.

On October 4, after spending weeks in custody on remand he was granted bail. He was due in court on other charges, but the judge was told he "has been missing from his family home for the past week". A warrant has been issued.

Afghan raids kill 115 rebels

At least 115 insurgents have been killed in ongoing operations in a north-eastern Afghan province known for being a hotbed of foreign militant fighters,.

The US-led alliance said the fighting in rugged Kunar province, near the Pakistani, border has been going on since around October 15.

Nato says the coalition and its Afghan partners have killed 115 insurgents over the past 10 days in a "series of multiple, smaller operations that have a combined, larger impact".