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Mobile phone charger sparks house fire


phone charger fire

phone charger fire

House fire in Castleknock caused by overheated mobile phone charger

House fire in Castleknock caused by overheated mobile phone charger


phone charger fire

THESE images show the damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin yesterday.

The pictures show the blackened walls of a bedroom in Castleknock which was damaged when an overheating mobile phone charger sparked the blaze.

Dublin Fire Brigade have issued a fresh warning to people about the dangers of leaving appliances plugged in for too long causing them to overheat.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire, but the fire brigade told the Herald that these cases are "run of the mill".

Emergency services were called to the scene by the occupants of the house at around 11.20 on Sunday morning. Two fire engines responded from the Coolmine and Phibsborough fire stations nearby. The units managed to get the fire under control.

Dublin Fire Brigade were unsure of the origin of the charger that overheated and started the fire, but they warned people that plug in air-fresheners also need to be monitored carefully.

A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade told the Herald that they are always trying to raise awareness about the issue so that people learn to be vigilant when it comes to chargers and other plugs likely to overheat.

Meanwhile, a man in his 20s was brought to hospital for burns on his hands after he tried to extinguish a fire in his kitchen in Glasthule.


Shortly after 6am Dun Laoghaire fire station dispatched units to the South Dublin home. The fire was brought under control quickly and the young man was the only person injured in the incident.

"He suffered burns on his hands when he was trying to tackle the fire himself with a fire extinguisher, which we do not recommend," the spokesperson said.

"We recommend that if there's a fire you get out and stay out."