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Mobbed copter crashes in Iraq

A Russian-built Iraqi military helicopter providing aid to people stranded on a mountain fleeing Islamic militants has crashed and killed the pilot after too many tried to climb aboard.

Iraqi parliamentarian Vian Dakheel, of the minority Yazidi community most affected by the fighting, was aboard the Mi-17 helicopter and was injured in the crash. She and others on board were evacuated to a hospital in the nearby Kurdish autonomous region.

The New York Times reported on its website that reporter Alissa J Rubin, riding along on the helicopter for a story, suffered an apparent concussion and broken wrists in the crash. Photographer Adam Ferguson was also on board but uninjured.

Throne studios set to expand

Planning approval has been granted to extend the Belfast studios where Game Of Thrones is filmed.

Permission to build was granted by the north's Environment Minister Mark Durkan and the development will nearly double the space at Titanic Studios.

Mr Durkan said it would put Belfast on the map as one of Europe's largest film production locations.

'Good Morning, I'm pregnant'

Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins shared her joy with viewers, telling them that she was pregnant with her first child.

The 39-year-old, who signed up to launch the ITV show in late April, received cheers from her co-hosts as she made her announcement.

Hawkins told viewers after the programme featured the story of a woman whose waist had grown to 55ins during her first pregnancy. She responded: "I'm pregnant, I'm happy to announce - and that kind of story fills me with dread. I'm hoping I won't reach that record."

Robots to give museum tours

Robots are to give art fans a night at the museum with a series of after-hours tours around Tate Britain through an award-winning project. People from around the world will be able to view online as four camera-equipped mechanical guides will roam the galleries for five nights beginning tomorrow.