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Mixed reaction to car-free zone on sea front

MUCH like the weather that often frequents Dollymount beach, the reaction to the permanent car ban was mixed.

Josephine Russell (inset) from Clontarf said she was delighted to see the changes at the Bull Island beach.

"I'm really happy to see the beach with no cars. It makes it much more peaceful and clean, it's nicer to walk along it."

"Now I'd like to see the boulders removed because they won't be necessary if people can't drive onto the beach."

The large boulders were added to the strand in the 90s because of concerns about reckless driving along the sea front.

"Boy racers used to terrorise you as you walked along the beach so the boulders made sense back then but now it would be great to see them go," she said.

Gabriella Kadar, who also lives in the northside suburb, is also pleased that cars would no longer have access.

"I bring my son and his friends down here regularly and it's so much safer now. I don't think many people will mind walking the little bit extra to get to the beach, it's just a couple of meters," she said.

Michael Larkin who lives on the Howth Road would prefer to see the temporary barriers kept in place for peak season and taken down when the weather gets colder.

"I'm really surprised that they have decided to make it permanent," he said. "It may make sense during the busy season but there is nothing to be served by closing it in the winter."