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Mix-up put Mad Men star in Tudors line up

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has revealed he was asked to audition for BBC period drama The Tudors - after being mistaken for Scottish actor John Hannah.

The US heartthrob, soon to star in Channel 4's Black Mirror Christmas special, said he was asked along to try out for the historical romp after being confused with his almost namesake - known for his roles in Rebus and Four Weddings And A Funeral.

Hamm (43) said it was a "100pc true story" and explained: "I went to an audition for the Tudors and they thought I was John Hannah. I'm not Scottish, I'm not 50, I'm also not eligible to work in the UK. But I did learn a bunch of lines and practised the accent."

However, he decided not to go forward with the audition after it became clear there had been a case of mistaken identity.

"They asked, 'do you still want to do it?' I said, 'No, because there's no point in it. I'm not going to get the job'," he said.


Hamm (inset) has been cast in the latest Black Mirror film, created by writer Charlie Brooker, playing a pick-up artist and psychological manipulator.

Brooker has actually worked with Hannah on his detective spoof series A Touch Of Cloth and, joking about the casting of Hamm, he said: "We thought we were getting Hannah again."