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Mitchell goes into meltdown as he lambasts Kenny

GAY MITCHELL went into meltdown last night as he turned on Pat Kenny and teh audience.

The Fine Gael candidate attacked the national broadcaster's Frontline debate.

After an audience member asked a question about businessman Denis O'Brien, Mr Mitchell began shouting that the debate was pointless.

All candidates were asked if they would select Mr O'Brien for the Council of State - prompting a furious broadside from Mr Mitchell.

When the question was put directly to him by Mr Kenny, he fumed: "What is the relevance of that question?

"The president is supposed to be about leading the country, about being fair, about being inclusive.

"What is the relevance of that question? What is the relevance of most of these questions?"

He continued: "What do you have to say about it Pat? Why did you have to put most of those questions to us tonight?

"What have you added to the knowledge of people about the presidency. With the questions you put to us tonight, what is that about?"

The former Late Late Show host hit back -- claiming that all candidates were given the opportunity to set out their stall for presidency at the beginning of the debate.

"At the very beginning we gave you the opportunity to describe your presidency, how you might be regarded seven years from now, and you all were given ample opportunity to describe that and then we moved on," Mr Kenny stated.

And Mr Kenny also identified a number of Fine Gael members in the audience as leading the applause to Mr Mitchell's broadside.

The small group of people in the audience included Dublin South TD Peter Mathews.

One audience member lashed out at Mr Mitchell, stating: "Pat didn't ask the question, an audience member asked the question."

Mr Kenny added: "Can I just say to all, asking these questions as diverse as they are give people an idea as to your temperament, your character and it's certainly brought all those aspects out in the candidates tonight."

Mr Mitchell refused to take questions about his scathing attack following the debate and instead scurried into a waiting car with his wife Norma.