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Missionary is taken hostage

A Polish Catholic missionary has been kidnapped by eight armed people in the town of Baboua in the Central African Republic, the head of Poland's Pontifical Mission Societies said.

"The kidnappers said they represented the 'Central African People's Democratic Assembly', a group rebelling against the current government," said Tomasz Atlas.

"They made no demands. They said they wanted to exchange the kidnapped missionary for their leader, who is currently imprisoned in Cameroon."

Cameron hit by 'black-up' row

BRITISH prime minister David Cameron has been accused of making a PR blunder after posing for a picture with a group of morris dancers wearing black face paint.

Labour MP Mark Hendrick said Mr Cameron, who appeared in the picture with his daughter at the Banbury Folk Festival, had associated himself with an "outdated form of entertainment".

But others defended Mr Cameron, saying the facepaint has no racist meaning and is simply a traditional part of the costume.

One person tweeted: "They aren't 'blacked up', its a non-racial folk tradition about hidden identity."

Teen stabbed to death in school

A teenager has died and two others were injured after a woman stabbed students at a Czech high school.

Police said the attack happened in the central town of Zdar nad Sazavou, 120km south-east of Prague.

The victim was a 16-year-old boy. The 26-year-old suspect also injured two teenage girls and a police officer before she was arrested.

Norway closes the gender gap

Norway has passed a historic bill aimed at closing the gap between men and women in the army.

A new law will require women between 19 and 44 to join men in 19 months of mandatory military duty. It will apply to women born in Norway from 1997 onwards.

Norway is a world-leader when it comes to women in the work force. The prime minister, finance minister and leaders of the largest union and biggest employer group are women.