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Missing Giedre's best friend fears she was raped and murdered


Lithuanian woman Giedre Raguckaite

Lithuanian woman Giedre Raguckaite

Giedre Raguckaite was last seen unconscious at this house in Laytown on May 29

Giedre Raguckaite was last seen unconscious at this house in Laytown on May 29


Lithuanian woman Giedre Raguckaite

The best friend of a missing Lithuanian woman believes that she was raped before being murdered and her body disposed of.

Gardai yesterday appealed for information in the case of Giedre Raguckaite (29), who was last seen alive unconscious at a house in Laytown, Co Meath, on May 29 in the company of two Lithuanian men who carried her in and placed her in an ice bath.


Forensic officers yesterday carried out a detailed search of the property, the first time that they had searched it even though they have questioned the two men over the suspected murder.

It is understood that some hours after Ms Raguckaite was brought to Laytown, the men left the property with her in a stolen Toyota Landcruiser and no one has seen her since.

Last night, her close pal Gedvile Hibner told the Herald that a witness had reported that Ms Raguckaite had been violently sexually assaulted before being killed and that she was in a drugged state.

In an appeal for information yesterday, Superintendent Gerry Curley said the last sighting of Ms Raguckaite was in the company of two men at a house on the Beach Grove estate in Laytown at around 11pm on May 29.

"Giedre was not seen leaving the house but we are satisfied that she left the house and the other two males left the house in the early hours of May 30. She has not been seen since," he said.

The garda Technical Bureau carried out an examination of the house and officers are understood to have been interested in one particular part of the building.

Gardai are following a definite line of inquiry and at this point there is no indication that Ms Raguckaite was trafficked.

Officers have looked into more than 170 lines of inquiry, including liaising with the PSNI, UK police forces, Interpol and the Lithuanian police.

Ms Raguckaite was first reported missing on August 22 by a member of the Lithuanian community living in Dundalk.