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Miss Ireland Aoife is heading for Chinese catwalks

A STEADY stream of Irish models have left to try their hand at careers in London, LA and a host of other glamorous cities.

Now current Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh has landed a string of modelling gigs in China. The striking redhead said she has her Celtic looks to thank for her success after being hand-picked by model bosses and receiving an official invite from the Chinese government.

"I am delighted, it was back and forth for a long time before it was official," an excited Aoife told the Herald.

"I am heading over to Hong Kong on April 29 and then I am going to a place called Guangzhou to attend the world's biggest trade fair. I will be there for the fashion end of it, so I will be walking the catwalk for the first four days."


Once she finishes her runway stint, the 24-year-old has lined up meetings with casting agents as she looks to set up a base for herself in China.

The Tipperary native will travel to Asia as an ambassador for Irish clothing brand So Amazing.

After winning Miss Ireland last year, teacher Aoife, who has three degrees to her name, said she has been well and truly bitten by the modelling bug.

"My confidence has grown as the year has gone on so I'm really enjoying modelling," she told the Herald.