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Misconduct doctor - my heart goes out to family for cancer loss

A DOCTOR found guilty of professional misconduct after one of his patients died of skin cancer has said his heart goes out to the dead man's family.

Dr Peter Ting removed a mole from the back of Rush man William Cashell but did not send it for tests. Mr Cashell (36) died in May 2008 -- 15 months after he was treated by Dr Ting, right.

"I want to extend my condolence to the family. It is so hard to lose a loved one," Dr Ting told the Herald outside his practice on Mornington Park in Artane.

"I mean that sincerely, my heart goes out to them. I am glad they have found closure. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing to bear."

The IMC has yet to decide on Dr Ting's punishment.