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Miriam tells of fears over RTE stalker

BROADCASTER Miriam O'Callaghan understands Sharon Ni Bheolain's stalker hell because she went through the same thing herself.

The mum of eight has revealed for the first time that she can fully relate to the fear and anguish felt by her RTE colleague in recent months, as she herself had to seek help when an admirer became too invasive several years ago.

The Prime Time host was working at RTE at the time.

O'Callaghan (53) told this newspaper that she decided not to get the Gardai involved, but went to her superiors at RTE and the head of security at the national broadcaster.

"There was an issue a few years back, but it was dealt with," she told the Herald.

"I didn't talk about it at the time because it got resolved and it went away. To be fair, it's often people who are sad and lonely in their own lives."


Ni Bheolain (above) suffered a six-month ordeal at the hands of a stalker, it emerged last month.

The newsreader received a series of threatening e-mails and letters and she made a complaint to Gardai before Christmas, who were able to then trace the suspect from a computer IP address.

And Miriam O'Callaghan said that she understands why Sharon was so upset.

"I'm incredible fond of Sharon and she's a good friend of mine," she said yesterday.

"She was very upset, she has been in a difficult situation with that stalker and I completely understand why she was so upset."

O'Callaghan said that being a female presenter working in the national spotlight can come with its risks.

"Most of the time it's absolutely fine, but there can be people who develop obsessions and you have to tread softly and sensitively.

"You have to be aware of that," she said.