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Miracle teen escaped as killers sprayed 20 shots into Corballys

THE killers of the Corbally crime brothers fired more than 20 shots into their car, it emerged today.

Far from being a clinical killing, the two assassins sprayed the brothers' car with bullets.

"More than 20 rounds were pumped into the Lexus. The brothers were hit multiple times and were also hit by ricochets. It's a miracle the boy in the back survived," said a source.

"The killers were guns-for-hire but they were not experienced gunmen. They literally sprayed the car with bullets, with ricochets going everywhere."

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old survivor, the sole witness to this week's double murder, has undergone surgery to save his leg.

The boy was thought to have been shot three times in the chest and right arm -- but a further bullet was found in a follow up scan dangerously close to a vital artery.

He remains under armed guard at Tallaght hospital and a court has heard that he has received threats to his life as he witnessed the murders Paul (35) and Kenneth Corbally (32).

The Herald revealed earlier this week that a bounty of €40,000 was put on the brothers' head by a rival Ballyfermot based drug dealer.