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Miracle escape at city petrol station

THIS was the scene in south Dublin this morning after an incident with a tanker attempting to leave a petrol station.

The incident occurred at approximately 6am this morning at the Tesco Petrol Station, close to Dundrum Town Centre.

It is understood the tanker was attempting to move in the station's forecourt when it apparently slipped down a nearby slope.

Gardai were soon on the scene and recovery trucks later arrived in a bid to remove the truck from the scene. It is understood that nobody was injured.

Meanwhile, price-weary motorists can expect further headaches over the next few months as the cost of fuel is set to increase.

Industry experts have said that a deterioration in currency exchange prices will have a negative impact on the price of petrol and diesel. Petrol is now averaging at nearly €1.28 a litre, which is an increase of 24c and diesel prices are also increasing, coming in at almost €1.20 on average. These increases are despite the low cost of a barrel of oil compared to years ago.

Across the eurozone, the price of petrol remains at €1.11 in Austria but reaches as much as €1.32 in France.

Conor Faughnan of Automobile Association (AA Roadwatch) said that he believes that the prices will not come down over the next month.

"We are definitely going to continue to get shocks and price fluctuations," he said. "But this is occupying minds around Europe, not just Ireland."