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Miracle escape as jeep flips by family's home

A Dublin local authority has been called on to take action after a car overturned at an accident blackspot, narrowly missing a family home.

The jeep was travelling along Bealing Boulevard in Tyrrelstown when it flipped on to its side.

Local resident Charlie Cleary told the Herald that accidents are happening repeatedly on the street.

"It's a serious blackspot. I've highlighted [this] before to Fingal Co Council," Mr Cleary said.

He added that crashes are taking place every week.

The latest accident happened on Saturday afternoon. It is understood that the driver was taken to hospital but he was not seriously injured.

Mr Cleary said someone "is going to be killed" if the council does not introduce traffic-calming measures.

He said there are no speed-limit signs and no road markings on the route at all.

"It's pure crazy. It's unbelievable what is happening here. You go outside the door and you are looking up the road to see what speed they are doing. We are living in fear," Mr Cleary added.

Late last year, a car careered off Bealing Boulevard and mounted a footpath before ploughing into the front of a house.

Homeowner Murrogh O'Brien said he "heard this ferocious bang".

The car nearly hit his front door and was "sitting in exactly the same spot" where he was standing moments earlier.

Days later, pedestrians had yet another narrow escape when two cars collided on the same stretch of road.

A spokeswoman for Fingal said the council is aware there had been a road traffic accident at Bealing Boulevard on Saturday.

"Investigation into the causes of road traffic accidents would be under the remit of An Garda Siochana," she added.

She said that only the Bealing Boulevard section of the main distributor road has been taken in charge by the council at present.

"A scheme of traffic-calming measures has recently been agreed with the developers of the estate and we are in consultation with the developers with regard to implementing these measures," the spokeswoman added.

These measures "will be put in place by the developers as soon as possible".