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Miracle as girl (10) survives Australian shark attack horror

A 10-year-old girl was attacked by a shark off Australia's east coast and suffered a serious injury to her hand.

Paramedics were called to a beach at Lennox Head, 200km south of Brisbane, after receiving a report that the girl had been bitten on the wrist.

The girl is in stable condition in hospital.

Meanwhile, Dubliner Martin Kane was back in the water only two days after an encounter with a great white off Perth, Western Australia.

Mr Kane (61), from Phibsboro, who was surfski-ing with friends last Wednesday, said: "A school of dolphins came along. The other guys slowed down to have a look. I kept going and I was about 50 metres ahead of the pack.

"Then I got a cold feeling and I picked up the pace and started paddling again, and almost as soon as I did there was an almighty crash. All I could see was a great big grey shape? Those seconds where I picked up the pace probably saved my life."


Mr Kane, who moved to Perth in 1966 with his brother-in-law Jack Cullen, compared the impact to being in a car crash.

"When the shark came out of the water its jaws went around the end of the ski and bit down, which caused it to explode, because the surfski is a sealed container," he said. "The shark's head and tail were thrashing around and the ski was going up in the air. My mate came up to me and said, 'Hop up on board, Marty, we'll get you to the beach'.

"The shark was still chomping on my surfski when we hit the beach, but I wouldn't have been able to swim fast enough to get away."

Mr Kane, who dived back into the same waters two days later, added: "If you were in a crash, would you never get into a car again? Of course not."