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Miracle €23m makeover for residents of St Mary's Mansions


Sinead Fay

Sinead Fay

Sinead Fay

It was a big day for residents of a complex in Dublin's inner city as they returned to their homes following a €23m redevelopment project.

More than 20 families were welcomed back to St Mary's Mansions in the north-east inner city yesterday following three years of renovations.

The extensive works included the addition of two new floors to create 80 modern apartments and duplexes.

The remainder of the new residents moving into the 70-year-old flat complex will come from Dublin City Council's housing list.


Greeting residents as they received the keys to their new home today, Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu said: "After an incredible redevelopment and significant investment, I am delighted to see this scheme completed and providing super-efficient homes to people on Dublin City Council's housing list.

"Together with other local amenities here in the heart of the city, St Mary's Mansions is a shining example of collaboration and partnership.

"I wish all the residents the very best of luck in their new homes for many years to come," she said.

A number of key features included in the redesign were "specifically included to enhance overall quality of life" and include communal social and play areas, a community room, and socially aware landscaping.

Charlene Howe, whose family has lived in St Mary's Mansions for many years, said: "Growing up in St Mary's Mansions, it was an open complex and it really had a good community spirit.

"Neighbours were close to each other so with the new development we wanted to keep the open balconies. It was really important being on board from day one."

Clúid Housing's new business director Fiona Cormican said: "The regeneration of St Mary's Mansions represents the beginning of a new chapter in the story of this part of the city.

"I have been involved with the community in Dublin's North East inner city for many, many years now and seeing our residents receive the keys to their new home here today is a truly incredible experience."


Clúid's €23m investment was financed through a combination of loans from the Housing Finance Agency, the European Investment Bank and financial support from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

The refurbishments at St Mary's Mansions are the first of its kind in the area and were spurred by the Mulvey report, published in 2016.