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Minister's pylon stance attacked

TRANSPORT Minister Leo Varadkar has come under fire after he questioned the validity of anti-pylon groups fielding candidates in local elections.

Mr Varadkar said he failed to see the "benefit" of electing such candidates as pylon projects are made by An Bord Pleanala.

One of the largest anti-pylon groups confirmed that it has been contacted by several individuals seeking to run under its umbrella

The prospect of such groups fielding candidates in May's elections has been questioned by Mr Varadkar.

"It wouldn't be unusual for candidates to put their names forward on a single issue," Mr Varadkar said. "But when it comes to the local elections, they're not about a single issue and in fact decisions on pylons are made by An Bord Pleanala, not by the council."

However, Mr Varadkar's remarks were strongly criticised by pylon campaigner Padraig O'Reilly who said: "I'm very surprised that someone at Leo Varadkar's level would so clearly miss the point on this one."


ARMOND White has been thrown out of the New York Film Critics Circle after allegedly heckling '12 Years A Slave' director Steve McQueen' at the group's annual awards banquet.

White reportedly yelled expletives at McQueen when he accepted the award for best director at the New York Film Critics Awards.


THE trial of a former Blackburn Rovers footballer accused of making a homophobic gesture at a match while playing against one of his previous clubs has been postponed.

Colin Kazim-Richards (27) allegedly made a gesture during a match against Brighton last February.


THE two stars of creepy thriller 'The Following' have admitted that the show gives them nightmares.

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy say their characters stick with them after work and British actor Purefoy said playing a character that not only celebrates death but finds great beauty in it brings fretful nights.