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Minister's child exposure fears

CHILDREN'S Minister Frances Fitzgerald has voiced grave concerns over the sexualisation of Irish children claiming "the distance between childhood and adulthood has become increasingly blurred".

The minister cited the retail industry and the increasingly sexualised practices within traditional dancing such as elaborate hair, make-up and fake tan.

She also referenced the expanding world of child beauty pageants.


Rapper Tyler the Creator, played a sold-out show just hours after being released from jail in connection with a charge of inciting a riot.

The rapper was arrested at Austin-Bergstrom Airport on Saturday. Inciting a riot is a misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and $4,000 (€2,875) fine.

Tyler was released on Saturday after securing a $25,000 (€18,000) bond and played a sold-out show at the House of Blues in Dallas.


violence linked to Syria's civil war has left 10 people dead in Tripoli.

The latest fatality was a soldier, who was killed when attackers fired on his armoured vehicle with grenades and small arms.

The violence first erupted on Thursday and has pitted Sunni gunmen from the neighbourhood of Bab Tabbaneh - who back Syria's Sunni-majority rebels - against rivals from nearby Jabal Mohsen, which is dominated by the Alawite sect, also the faith of Syrian president Bashar Assad.


A man must destroy his treehouse unless he takes out a $1m (€720,000) insurance policy.

Zeb Postelwait, of Washington state, had always wanted to build the treehouse and got the chance after moving into a Wenatchee home with a big tree. But two months later he received his first notice from the city to tear it down.

Officials reportedly said the treehouse threatens public safety. But Mr Postelwait disagrees and has insisted he will not take out the insurance policy.