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Minibus bomb attack kills 15

An explosion ripped through a minibus travelling in a militant area of northwestern Pakistan today killing at least 15 people.

It was unclear whether the blast, which destroyed the bus, was caused by a bomb or by the gas cylinder used to power the vehicle, said a local police chief.

The bus was travelling between the cities of Hangu and Kohat, which are located very close to Pakistan's lawless tribal region.

Islamist militants frequently carry out attacks in the area against both civilians and security forces.

Pope gives job to Protestant

The Pope has picked a Protestant to head the Vatican's sciences academy.

Benedict XVI chose Werner Arber, a Swiss molecular biologist who shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1978, as president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

A Vatican spokesman said it is the first time a non- Catholic has led the academy in its four centuries of history.

The academy helps pontiffs understand scientific advances in fields ranging from genetics to nuclear physics.

Cash row over Lennon sale

A New York City landlord has sued the gallery that auctioned the suit John Lennon wore on the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album, trying to get at the proceeds to satisfy a rent debt.

Braswell Galleries was told before the January 1 sale that a court had determined in 2009 that seller Biond Fury -- a psychic and memorabilia collector -- owed more than $21,000 in rent for his former Manhattan apartment, according to landlord Mark Arrow's lawsuit.

Mr Arrow's lawyers said they told the gallery not to go through with the sale.