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Ming's licence debacle must be the end of the road for him

J WELL Ming, how are you going to talk your way out of this mess?

For all his brass neck, TD Luke Flanagan had a mountain to climb when it came to adequately explaining how he had penalty points wiped.

And his Dail explanation won't satisfy many. It now turns out that the TD had points quashed on two occasions after being caught dialling and driving.

This whole story may not have been so outrageous was Ming not one of the leading lights in a campaign that's claiming such points are deliberately being wiped by gardai as favours to public figures.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

In one instance Ming has said he wrote a letter to have two points removed after a garda contacted him "insisting" he do so. The second time a council official "sorted out" his points, he said.

None of this explains why Ming denied having penalty points written off his licence last year.

It also doesn't help that Ming has previously called the entire garda force "corrupt".

So corrupt that they would contact a TD and advise he asks to have his points wiped?

Whatever Ming's explanations, one question remains: why did he not declare that his points had been wiped while he was accusing gardai of corruption for wiping points?

Surely the public are entitled to know that they were being lectured by a hypocrite?

Such a matter should be cause for resignation.

So will Ming do the decent thing and go?

I won't hold my breath.