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Ming cannabis habit is affront to law -- gardai

LUKE 'Ming' Flanagan's cultivation of cannabis for his own use "is a direct challenge to the law", the Garda Review magazine has said.

The newly elected TD is an advocate of decriminalising cannabis and has even admitted to growing the drug.

However, the latest edition of the Garda Review is heavily critical of the deputy's stance.

In an editorial, the magazine states the election of a new Dail brings the issue of legalising cannabis "back to the forefront".

"We now have an elected public representative of the legislative system who is publicly committed to the legalisation of cannabis and has regularly admitted in the media that he cultivates a supply for personal use.

"It is a direct challenge to the law and as such to the law enforcers," it adds.

The publication states: "We cannot have a situation where the law is ignored, either through appeasement or political expediency, otherwise our system of justice will become a mockery," the magazine insists.

"This will impact negatively on our work through drug enforcement," adds the Review, which is the official magazine of the Garda Representative Association (GRA).

It is the latest in a series of attacks on Mr Flanagan over his controversial opinions on drug use.

Last week, Fianna Fail councillor John Coonan revealed he was writing to gardai about the deputy.

Mr Flanagan should not be given special treatment and should be dealt with for breaking the law, according to the Kilkenny representative.

Mr Coonan was writing to gardai and Taoiseach Enda Kenny to express his concerns.

A decade ago, Mr Flanagan sent 500 cannabis joints to Irish politicians as part of his campaign to legalise the drug.

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