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Miliband reveals his struggle to be a dad

British Labour leadership hopeful David Miliband has spoken for the first time about his long struggle to have children with wife Louise, and their decision to adopt after years of IVF treatment failed.

The shadow foreign secretary also talked about the loss of many relatives in the Holocaust and his childhood relationship with younger brother Ed, who is also on the slate for the Labour leadership contest.


Mr Miliband revealed he and Louise, a professional violinist, went through "emotionally exhausting" years of IVF treatment before adopting sons Isaac, now five, and Jacob, two.

"It was very drawn out and difficult but there was a moment when we realised that we had reached the end of the line and we weren't going to give birth to our children," he said. Rather than straining their relationship, the difficulties "cemented the love and respect that we felt for each other at the end of it", he said.

"My admiration for Louise was immense. We'd been through this thing together."