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Miley refuses to set up a truce with Sinead


Miley Cyrus. Photo: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

Miley Cyrus. Photo: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

Miley Cyrus. Photo: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

MILEY Cyrus says she's not sure she'll make up with Sinead O'Connor after the back and forth drama between the singers.

When asked if she and the 46-year-old performer would kiss and make up, Cyrus replied with: "I don't know. Are we supposed to kiss?"

Cyrus made the comments in New York when meeting fans at a CD signing for her new album, "Bangerz".

The drama launched when the Irish star warned the young singer to avoid being sexually exploited by the music industry. The first open letter came after Cyrus said her "Wrecking Ball" video, where she is nude and licks a sledgehammer, was inspired by O'Connor's famous "Nothing Compares 2 U."

Cyrus responded on Twitter by mentioning O'Connor's struggles with bipolar disorder and compared the singer-songwriter to troubled actress Amanda Bynes, who has been treated in a psychiatric hospital.

The feud between the performers continued when O'Connor published a fourth open letter to Cyrus, in which she wrote: "Have you any idea

how stupid and dangerous it is to mock

people for suffering illness?

"The course you have set yourself upon

can only end in that, trust me.

'I am staggered that any 2-year-old woman of the 21st century could behave in such a dangerous

and irresponsible manner as to not only send the signal to young women that

it's ok to act like prostitutes but also to the signal that those who have suffered or do suffer mental health problems are to be

mocked and have their opinions invalidated," wrote Sinead.

The "We Can't Stop" singer was all smiles as she thanked the hundreds of fans at Planet Hollywood for buying and listening to her new album.

"I've been trying to keep this music a secret for a year, so now that it's bumping on the speakers it feels so good," she said.