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Migraine agony has made my life a living hell, says Catherine

A YOUNG Fine Gael politician has revealed that she suffers debilitating migraines which leave her numb and vomiting.

Meath county councillor Catherine Yore (27) is now taking part in a 'bio-energy' treatment in the hope of beating the illness.

She said it gets so bad at times that all she can do is go into a dark room and lie down.

"I've had them since I was 13. I had them on and off at first. But in the last five, maybe eight years -- when I was in college and since college -- I've been getting them a lot and in the last three years I've been getting them at least twice a month," Ms Yore told the Herald.


"If I get a really bad one the whole side of my body goes numb, I would get the aura, and I'd be vomiting as well," the former You're A Star contestant revealed.

Ms Yore, who is also a primary school teacher, said she always tries to go to work even when she has a migraine.

"I come to work. I just have to put up with it. I'm a teacher. It's not as easy to just say I can't go in. I've 32 (pupils) here waiting for me when I come in. I just put up with it and just try and get through the day," she added.

Ms Yore, who contested the general election in the Meath West constituency last year, feels a migraine coming on in stages, starting with the "aura" during which her vision goes fuzzy.

She described it as like driving in the rain without windscreen wipers.

The councillor told the Herald: "You just feel like 'oh God, my eyes can't function' and then you think 'I've got a migraine coming on'. Then it can just work into one half of my body going numb, just feeling very, very sick; not being able to eat.

"The aura will go after an hour but then it'll be a throbbing pain. Even the next day, if you went to bend to pick up a pen or anything it feels like there are bricks in your head, like it's really sore.

"You feel very, very tired. You just feel really exhausted. It tires you out for 24 hours."

Ms Yore said she was fortunate in that a migraine never struck while she was out canvassing for votes.

And relief is in sight for the young politician who has gone through a new bio-energy treatment. Since undergoing the treatment in March, she has not had a migraine, she said.