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Michelle's party with pals in Vegas before vital op

Brave TV star Michelle Heaton partied with her Dublin pals in Las Vegas as she tried take her mind off her forthcoming hysterectomy.

The former You're A Star judge (35) has decided to have her womb and ovaries removed after being diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene two years ago.

It follows on from her double mastectomy in 2013 as the first stage of her radical treatment.

In order to cheer her up before the operation, her Dubliner hubbie Hugh Hanley whisked her off to Las Vegas.

Paying tribute to the former singer, he wrote: "What a great few days in Vegas with my beautiful wifey Michelle. I am blessed to have such a great wife who inspires me daily."


While over there, she met up with some of her old pals from her time in Dublin, including singer Claire Malone and marketing exec Tara Sinnott.

Making the most of their time in Sin City, they hit the town with a vengeance and caught a show at Caeser's Palace featuring Matt Goss, Usher and Rihanna's ex, Chris Brown.

Michelle said she had a "fabulous holiday".

The Newcastle native now has a tough road ahead of her now as she gears up for the operation to remove her womb and ovaries to eliminate the risk of ovarian cancer.