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Michelle's meningitis vigil for baby AJ


Anxious: Michelle Heaton. Photo: PA

Anxious: Michelle Heaton. Photo: PA

Anxious: Michelle Heaton. Photo: PA

MICHELLE Heaton (34) has said she is "distraught" after her newborn baby contracted viral meningitis.

The Herald can reveal her five-week-old baby AJ had to be rushed to hospital after contracting the potentially fatal disease.

She and her Dublin husband Hugh Hanley have been keeping a 24-hour vigil since he was diagnosed over the weekend.

The former Liberty X star described AJ, aka Aaron Jay, as "very, very poorly" and said they have a "long road" ahead of them.

"They found some fluid/white cells on his brain after taking a lumbar puncture test. He also has reflux disease.

"They are controlling the meningitis with lots of drugs and drips. We're very lucky we caught it this early. Our instinct told us to go in as we knew something wasn't quite right. "


She went on to say how doctors told them that in most cases of viral meningitis, the babies go on to have a full recovery after being hospitalised.

The devastated couple have been inundated with messages of support from friends and family as they pray for their baby to make a full recovery.