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Michelle's all set for love now she can be seen and heard

J FAIR play to former Morgan model Michelle Doherty for making the leap into acting.

The gorgeous 35-year-old brunette has been landing roles in the likes of comedy series Trivia, in Garage director Lenny Abrahamson's latest film What Richard Did and in a role she describes as "bad-ass" and "ballsy" in low-budget Irish thriller The Hit Producer.

She told the Herald this week how the early hours of morning radio before she quit Phantom FM had been playing havoc with her love life. One can only imagine how things are due to improve.

Because while plenty of others may have what's euphemistically referred to as "a great face for radio", Michelle's amazing looks were entirely wasted there, hidden away in the studio.

She's already proving quite the catch for casting agents. Can anyone honestly see her love life suffering for long?

Our Col should

keep it quirky

QNO sooner have critics finished giving Colin Farrell's leading role in the remake of Total Recall a vigorous kicking than they're piling on the praise for his part in quirky comedy caper Seven Psychopaths, currently being described as Colin's best outing since In Bruges.

It doesn't take a genius to see a trend developing, but we'll spell it out anyway.

Farrell simply does far better with filmgoers when he's in a supporting role or in something which is small, clever and quirky.

So Col, quit humiliating yourself in overhyped, Hollywood blockbusters. You're no Arnie, and we like you better that way.