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Michael D's in the Aras... but Mary D's poster is still up outside Busaras

IT seems that former presidential hopeful Mary Davis made it to the Aras after all. Busaras -- that is.

More than four months after Michael D Higgins won the presidental election, one of Ms Davis's campaign posters is still hanging in Dublin city centre -- right outside the main bus station. And despite the long- term littering, she can only be fined €150.

In the run up to the election, Dublin City Council issued guidelines to candidates and parties about displaying election posters. Under the rules, candidates incur an on-the-spot fine of €150 if the posters are still up seven days after the election.

However, the poster outside the entrance to the country's main bus station has gone unnoticed.


City officials admitted they were unaware that a poster for Ms Davis's campaign is still hanging on a lamppost.

Local councillor Christy Burke said that Ms Davis is "no different to anyone else", and should, therefore, be subject to the fine. Ms Davis's posters were likened to the ads for Kellogg's cereal Special K after she donned a slimline red dress.

Presidential candidates were allowed to put up their campaign posters 30 days before polling day on October 27.

The Department of the Environment states that it is the responsibility of the local authority to enforce the legislation concerning election posters. They are also responsible for the removal of posters which pose a hazard.