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Mexico bus crash kills 25

A bus crash in south-west Mexico has killed 25 people, including nine children, Guerrero state officials said.

The crash also wounded 22 people.

A state government press release said the vehicle was heading to the town of Buenavisa de Cuellar, 83 miles from Chilpancingo del Bravo.

The brakes on the bus gave out, causing it to skid off the road. The bus was carrying people to a political rally.

Shop collapse leaves 1 dead

At least one person was feared dead and another trapped inside the rubble after a roof collapsed at a shopping centre in northern Ontario, Canada.

Rescue workers were unable to reach the victims more than 24 hours after the collapse because the structure was unstable.

Images taken with the camera show a hand and foot in the dusty debris.

Fire officials said they tried to reach that person by drilling through a wall, but found the structure too unsafe to risk entering far enough inside.

US agent kills drug trafficker

A US Drug Enforcement Administration agent has shot and killed a suspected drug trafficker during a raid near a tiny Honduran town, a US official said.

It is the first time an agent has killed someone during a raid since the agency began drug raids in Latin America several years ago.

The US agent was working with Honduran National Police, who arrested four other suspects and seized 792 pounds of cocaine during the operation, in which six other people were arrested.

Tropical storm warning for US

Parts of Florida and Alabama were under a tropical storm warning as hurricane Debby churned off the Gulf Coast.

At least one death in Florida was blamed on the weather.

Coastal Alabama and parts of Florida, including the Panhandle, remained under tropical storm warnings.

Debby already had dumped heavy rain on parts of Florida and spawned some isolated tornados, causing some damage to homes and knocking down power lines.