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Mexican gun battle kills 21

A massive gun battle between rival drug and migrant trafficking gangs near the US-Mexico border has left 21 dead and at least six wounded, prosecutors said.

The fire fight occurred about 20km from the border with Arizona, in a prime corridor for immigrant and drug smuggling. All of the victims were believed to be members of the gangs.

More than 23,000 people have been killed by drug violence since late 2006, when President Felipe Calderon began deploying thousands of troops and federal police to drug hot spots.

Nurse-killer put to death in US

A convicted killer was executed by lethal injection in Texas for gunning down a nurse at her suburban home nine years ago and stealing her car.

Michael James Perry (28) mouthed to relatives and friends watching through a window that he loved them.

"I want to start off to everyone involved in this atrocity, they're all forgiven by me," he said in a brief statement from the death chamber. He never acknowledged relatives of his victim who looked through an adjacent window.

Terrorists may stage kidnap

The US State Department warned that a group connected to al-Qa'ida's affiliate in north Africa is planning to kidnap an American or another Westerner in Burkina Faso.

The US Embassy said it had information that the group is looking to abduct an "unidentified US citizen" near Ouahigouya in the north.

It said if the unnamed group cannot locate an American it would seek to find "another Westerner to kidnap".

Sumo rocked by bet scandal

Japan's public broadcasting network said it might not cover an upcoming sumo tournament because of viewer anger over a widespread gambling scandal involving wrestlers and coaches.

Sumo, Japan's ancient national sport, is embroiled in one of its worst scandals ever -- with dozens of top coaches and wrestlers accused of gambling heavily on baseball games, sometimes with gangsters as middlemen.