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Meter causes 2.8m pints of water to go down the drain

A 13-WEEK leak beside a meter installed on the Howth Road by Irish Water was enough for almost 33,000 showers.

Local man Paul Kealy raised the issue of the leaking meter and now he has told the Herald that the agency finally came and took up the meter on Thursday.

And according to Mr Kealy, the meter reading on the unit was 1,610 cubic litres, or more than 1.6m litres.

In pub terms that is 2.83m pints, or enough water for nearly 33,000 seven-minute showers using an average of 49 litres of water each.

If you are using Irish Water's costing of €2.44 for every 1,000 litres of water then it means almost €4,000 of water literally went down the drain outside the house on Howth Road

"I couldn't believe it. I was really shocked," Paul said.


"Irish Water insisted that the leak was on the customer side of the meter and as such was a problem the customer would have to fix, but they have come and taken it [the meter] away now, so it must have been their problem all along," he added.

"I thought the meter belonged to my neighbour and he thought it belonged to me, but in the end it appears to have been a decommissioned pipe that Irish Water decided to put the meter on and re-activated the line which was not connected to anything," he explained.

Commenting on the matter, Irish Water said after investigations into the complaint it became aware that a meter box and meter was "inadvertently installed in place of an existing stop valve on a redundant supply pipe".

"To rectify this issue the water supply to the redundant pipe was cut off and the meter was removed.

"The initial investigations into this leak were focused on the public footpath as that is the area of Irish Water's responsibility," a spokesperson told the Herald.

This was a move away from a previous statement where Irish Water said the issue had been investigated and the leaks were not caused by metering works.