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Merchants turn their nose up at Government's €78k wine offer

IT's looking like a distinctly non-vintage year for Department of Foreign Affairs' efforts to sell off stock from its wine cellar with an internal memo describing offers for the high-value plonk as "risible".

The collection was valued at almost €78,000 last year with a third of the 2,343 bottles in the cellars deemed "tradeable".

It was hoped that the sale of the wine would raise around €40,000.

The department sold the first batch made up of four labels for €11,160 in December 2013.


However, its attempts at selling more have come unstuck with an internal memo describing subsequent offers as "risible".

Of 11 wine merchants who were given a list of wines in January, just four responded, with just one offer.

"I believe that there is an extremely low likelihood of receiving suitable offers in the short term," an official wrote, suggesting another attempt to sell the wine before Christmas.

The department said a further approach to wine merchants is planned for the near future.